Not sure how to start this...... but, this is my last blog. Maybe not for life, but for the EagleHerald. My last day is tomorrow -- EEeeeekk! I know right?! So I just wanted to thank everyone who has made kind comments over the years and who have nugged me to write this blog and who slapped me when it's been weeks and no blog.

  I truly appreciate the support you have given to a girl just trying to stay afloat in the fitness world. Who continues to struggle, but has heart and passion, and will not quit. If I don't ever reach my goal (whatever it may be, as you know, it changes weekly) hahah- then I guess I never do. But I sure can see the future and I'll tell you what. It looks brighter than ever. Fireworks! Sparklers! Sunshine! Goldenrods! Daisies! Life throws us curveballs, and we need to go out swinging! Am I right?! I wish I could conclude this blog with oh ya, and I ran a whole marathon. But, instead I leave you with the conclusion, that yes, I am still growing a pineapple sized child in my stomach, it's still a boy, I'm large and in charge, and I still have no desire to workout. This too shall pass. HEY! Maybe you'll see me on Oprah some day being famous for a blog on bloglovin or something?! HEY! Maybe you'll be in the audience?



Until next time........ xoxo