Like, I already knew I was part celebrity and linked to the A-listers but check out these famous chicks who called me up in December, and were like "Hey, were only going to get pregnant if you do"  So just consider me Kasey Kardashian.

Mila Kunis
Christina Aguilera
Kourtney Kardashian
Hayden Panettiere
Jenna Fischer
More to List, but these are the ones who actually called me. (fow rizz)

  I am about 100% positive my child and theirs will be going to the same hair salon, wearing the same $1,000 outfits from BabyGap, enrolling in the same preschool, and having the same Nanny.

PHOTO CAPTION: Ugghhh I hate when Vogue Photoshops me with glute implants!! So inaccurate of my self worth!