So now that we all know I have an extra handicapped to diet and exercise right now, I am really struggling with a common area that I struggle with ALL THE TIME. Slowing Down. Normally, before pregnant, I felt like I ate all day long, like a snack here, a snack there, everywhere a snack - snack..... but now, for real, every hour or even half hour, (20 minutes) I have something. When I have something in my mouth I'm happy and my stomach isn't queasy, but when it's down the tube, I'm a sad pumpkin again. So I grab for another.

I wish I had one of those beer can/bucket hats with the straws that came down both sides for liquids, and an IV for constant food going in my veins, I would accomplish so much more and people wouldn't get the satisfaction of wondering what I was going to eat at 9 a.m. today. Like the crazy tattoo lady at the circus. But, I was told to embrace it because many women out there would die to be in my position.

So, I am feeling like maybe next week is my week to start working out again. I'm feeling pretty confident this week with my sickness staying under wraps. I'm not "showing" yet, because I'm only almost 11 weeks, but I'll tell you what, I FEEL like "my babies got a secret, hhmmmmmm hmmmm" (madonna) I think there's 2 in there. I would faint. I went to do a squat to stretch my pants out this morning and high pitch noise:: RIIIPPPPPPPP. Ripped those babies right down the middle. In my defense, they were like 7 years old, maybe they were doing me a favor? I can see an Old Navy credit card attack in my near future :)

Until then, I will peck away like a chick all day, take it one day at a time. Next week, Wednesday the 12th, the 2nd trimester will be mine. Evil laugh:: Muuuaaahhhahahahha