Look! It's me after a long walk! I feel great!
Look! It's me after a long walk! I feel great!
Today I'm going to talk to you about positive outlook of life. The way you carry yourself, the way you talk to other people, the way you feel about yourself. I have this amazing girlfriend, who seriously eats sunshine and farts rainbows. Nothing negative comes out of her mouth. It's always:: "you got it girl" or "no regrets, eat it and be done with it" or "you wouldn't cut me down, so why cut yourself down girlfriend" or "I LOVE PONIES, RAINBOWS, BABIES and STARLIGHT!" ok that last one I made up. But seriously.....and last night, I asked her what was her secret to pure happiness. First she said, she is not on any drugs....(lol, I had to ask her!) She just doesn't have time for negative energy because life is too short. She enjoys sunshine and the small things.... (I paraphrased)

But also I came to conclude that it has ALOT to do what you wear that day. I think she is always dressed to the T. For example:: I think I've talked about my Eagleherald shirt, and how when I wear it, I'm usually lazy, tired and hate the world? That's because I wake up tired, and the only thing I can think to wear is that shirt. I have since then thrown away that shirt. But yesterday, I wore a long sleeve brown sweater, with a tank top underneath, and khakis, it had all the potentials of being a cute outfit, except for my nasty attitude, and I felt like I had a muffin top, and I did, I won't even lie. I just felt fluffy yesterday, my hair is always a hot mess, due to lack of "getting ready time" in the morning. And i must not have worn make up. So my advice to you people out there.

A. Make more time for yourself in the morning, or plan your outfit at night. It's hard, I know.

B. Wearing earrings or jewelry usually helps.

1. Don't wear outfits that are too comfortable, unless your cozy sweater is paired with some hot leggings, and your hair is did and make up is on.

2. Throw away any ugly "go to" polo's

3. Throw away any ugly sweaters, shirts, pants, shoes.....etc.

4. Always wear mascara and try to fix your hair. (I struggle with the hair part)

Normally when I wear a sweet outfit, I feel sweet all the live long day. I am nicer to people, I have better self-esteem, I feel on top of the world. But when I feel ugly, I am ugly, inside and out. But somedays we are not all blessed with the awesome genes, and have a bad face day. Believe me, they happen. So what we learned from this topic? I am not sure. I had a point, but did I make it?! Today's outfit is very simple, but girly enuff and I feel confident in it. My hair, not so much and make up not so much. (It's hard when you are working out on your noon hour)

So I guess, if you want to be happy, wear things that make you happy, eat foods to make you happy, if it's a cupcake great, but if it's 2 cupcakes then you get a sugar crash and become tired, then you eat another cupcake for the sugar, you are headed for disaster. A woman's brain is constantly thinking, constantly planning for the future. Plan for happiness, it's worth a shot!

I have been brewing up an idea for March... workout EVERYDAY and post it on fbook- you in your sweaty outfit, what you saw on your run or workout that day, your shoes, the lady next to you....etc. But just to keep accountability. March and April REALLY play with my head due to the weather issues. One day it's 40 degrees and the next it's snowing, then a few days later it melts, then it snows again....oye vey! Does that sound like a stupid idea? Or a brilliant one? If you don't want to see my pure awesomeness on my page, then "hide" my newsfeed, but I'm going to write that idea down, and put it on my "to do" list in the near future, I hope you can join me :)