So whenever I disappear for longer than a week, it's almost never a good thing. I've had the weirdest and most stressful October/early November a girl could have. I'm sure this doesn't compare to what may happen in my future with life, but it was enough to make me want to just curl in a ball and cry. I felt I had so much on my plate (hypothetically and physically) that I didn't have time to even throw a pitty party! And I'm really good at having those for myself!!

With that being said, my goal for the holidays is to just CHILL OUT. Chill, quit freaking out, quit being the crazy girl. I'm just going to try to have a plan when going to thanksgiving dinner, and christmas. but hey, let's get through thanksgiving first. Because not sure if I let you know, but my halloween was the least graceful holiday to date with the candy. I never knew a 3 year old could get so much candy in a span of 2 days! And of course my ultimate idea was, eat as fast and as much as you can to get it out of the house! I ate so many whoppers, I actually got sick of them, that has NEVER happened in my life. Did anyone else get a plethora of whoppers? Eewww, yet, I'm back eating them today.... gotta keep getting that candy pile down right? It's not going to eat itself!! hahah, that would be funny though..... nom, nom, nom!

I'm even skipping my spinning class today to go eat. #FEEDTHEBEAST #THISTOOSHALLPASS #GGGRRRRRR