So no one cared to comment on my before/during pictures, thanks fans. Thanks. I guess I'm still 20 lbs overweight with 2 chins.

We have been busier than Octomom over here at work. I feel guilty even taking 30 minutes to write this bad boy. Stress leads to chocolate overdoses and chips. Luckily, I've kept myself in check for the most part. UPDATES::

Ok, get this. I got measured yesterday, lost a few inches, but looked back at measurements and weight from 2006 and was down 20 lbs back then, but was around the same inch measurements on my body. That really is mind boggling to me. I want that number back!

Last month I made my 100 miles. Mainly biking. And now from Memorial Day to Independence Day, I have taken on another challenge of running 1 mile per day, every day. So, there's that. And guess who skipped 2 days already? Yup, this girl, but I am determined to not let it stop be from moving forward, hoping those are the only 2 days I punk out on. Weekends are hard, if I don't' run by 11 a.m. I now know that I won't be running. And the more I think about it, I just don't think I am destined to be a fast runner. I see all these beginner runners crushing my time and I'm still trotting along the way with my 10-11 minute mile. I've been clocking myself and feel like supernova fast while I'm running, then look at my clock at the finish line and think what the french toast?! Is it possible to run, just to run, and not worry about times? To cut fat and burn more calories you have to run faster with more speed bursts, shit, running 1-3 miles IS my speed burst. It's a constant speed burst from my daily walking strides. Right? But really, I'm slower than slow. I passed these 2 older guys yesterday (they were walking) I knew one of them, gave the a "hello gentlemen" and then said "I've been trying to pass you guys forever" and they laughed at me like ya right woman. But seriously, I must of stared at their backs for 8 minutes before I caught up to them. (I am slow) And I know people who say that they are slow, but run like 4 minutes faster than me and really just need a swift kick to the #shutup. -- Can I blame my body weight? But then I think, I'm used to lugging myself around, so it shouldn't be a handicap right? Does mass really have an effect on speed, if you roll a 10 lb. ball vs. a 5 lb. ball down a hill, I'm pretty sure the 10 lb. ball would win. But now when your a chubby runner, unless you actually roll into a ball and plummet down that hill to beat your 150 lb. friend. Ugh, I'm crazy, I'll admit it.