Ok, I'm excited. Since March, the Super EagleHerald, along with help from the Health and Wellness committee have been doing MONTHLY CHALLENGES. The first month it was eat breakfast 22 days out of the month of March, the second month was lose 2-5 lbs in April. AND NOW...drumroll... it's Run, Walk and/or Bike 100 miles in May. So, I know I'm 2 days late, but I think everyone should try this. It's exuberating.

On our wellness board is a virtual-paper mapquest path from Marinette to Oshkosh. 102 miles, so when people get to Oconto, I marked a 30 miles, people move their little thumb tack to Oconto, then DePere, Appleton, etc. So if you do choose this, or want more info, e-mail me, and I can send you the form we fill out to track our progress. hey, even if you only get to Green Bay, that's great! If you read on the internet, it's the new drug of choice. It's a complete challenge, but here's a hint, your bike makes it that much more do able since you can cover more ground in less time for you busy people out there. And, 6 a.m the sun is out too, a little brisk today, but manageable. Alright, that's all. Get to Work Slackers!