So let's try this new website/blog thing again. Last time I had it above the Koehne ad, below the Koehne ad, and a pomegranate floating in the corner, let's keep it simple stupid!
  So my veggie/fruit challenge has been going superb! Boom day 2 going strong. I just killed a banana with honey! As I ripped the hat off the honeybear (seriously it broke :( sad bear) I remembered "am I suppose to eat honey" something with something isn't good. But then I just read it should be "pasteurized" honey. Good thing I don't just go up to bee hives and start gnawing on the combs hey! Phew.
  Is anyone else ecstatic about the constant sunrays we've had today?! Amen People! It still doesn't make up for my hips being on fire, still.... (And they don't lie, Shakira, Shakira) So I skipped class today, I really don't think I should be doing the back track of the constant bend. Do I call the chiropractor???? The physical therapist said that I will more than likely have hip/pelvic pain until I'm done nursing. Seriously? Charge me $2,000 (exaggeration, I hope) to have me come in and you stretch my legs out, give me a sheet of exercises, then tell me the last session that I will more than likely have this pain throughout? Just fix me Doc, I would like to lead a normal life of gallops and trots! Not old lady walks.
  I really don't have much to say today, someone stopped me in the breakroom to tell me she enjoyed my blogs, whenever my feathers get fluffed like that, it inspires me to ramble at a rapid pace and shout from the rooftops "SOMEONE CARES" then ugly cry until someone finds me under my desk....end scene.

#sadbear #brokenhat