So Honey Boo-Boo did a run/walk on the treadmill last night, I felt pretty good, even got in a good sweat and wasn't sucking air too much like the other times I've tried. Once the weather is a constant 35-40 degrees, I'm going to take my 1/2 mile route and kick some dirt up. Who knows, maybe run it once, walk it once, then run it again. I'm feelin frisky. So my new workout pants were delivered last week to me in a shiny grey package, opened them up, it looked like 2 people could fit in them, thank goodness they didn't fit me! But, now I'm still looking homeless working out. My tanktop I ordered does fit though, and I'll eventually have to invest in another one, it's not that the ones I have won't fit me, but they aren't long enough, I found that to be the secret with all maternity workout tops, they have a lot of 'give' and length so it will grow with you. So, I think Green Bay is calling my name, because I'm really have no luck at online shopping, and hate waiting a week, only to take another week to actually return the item, by then the baby will be here and I'll be plump as a pie.

So lately I've been drinking straight up MOUNTAIN DEW. I know, it's pure poison. So today I had to be firm with my little apple and say NO! We're doing a DIET MOUNTAIN DEW. Here I thought I was doing myself a favor for the caffeine, NOPE, same amount of caffeine. 91 mg in 20 oz.= the same for diet and reg. But, I did save myself 200 calories, sugar, and sodium. I haven't had hankerings for coffee either, so I get my daily caffeine from sodapop.

After todays bodypump I felt so darn good I could of ran around the block. Came back, micro-ed a lean cuisine (carb loaded!) Loved Every Second. And kind of started thinking hey, maybe I should start using fitpal again. I can log in that I want to "maintain" my weight, then add 300 calories for the child within. Right? Last summer when I talked with Jessica at Inferno Fitness, she seemed very enthusiast that I am able to still "shred" my body while pregnant, but doing it the healthy way and not losing weight, just leaning out my muscles and turning fat to muscles. Water into Wine Baby. But now here I sit with cheetos (a portion) and an apple, just to even the score a bit. So, there we have it. I'll try myfitnesspal tomorrow, and let you know how it all goes down, I might be ashamed by 12 and quit, but at least I'll have some gossip to tell!

Size of Baby: Navel Orange

Baby Length: 4 inches long

Cravings: Funyuns (wait that's an all the time occurance)

Feeling Like: Gettin back to a weekly workout schedule :) SCORE!

What I'll Really Do: Tell myself every week I need to get on a workout schedule.