Is this love, or am I dreaming.
Is this love, or am I dreaming.
So, I've been getting major headaches, my Dr. said it's ok to take Acetamiphin (sp) but then there are all those studies about ADHD and the side effects on the child...... so I've been torn and cringe when I do take them, but here's the real kicker.... Today I bought my first cup of Jo in 3 months and it's actually GIVING me a headache. Aren't I getting the headaches from lack of caffeine anyways? So why would drinking coffee give me a headache, it should ease my pain. Glug, Glug anyways right? I went to T-bell a week or so ago and the kind lady asked "would you like a free breakfast item or combo coupon." I replied bashfully, "Yes, Please!" with excitement of course. If you know me, I love a good coupon. So this morning, I went there, got a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee and was on my merry way, when I looked down at the coffee cup and realized there was a heart for a tab! I'm was so excited about this I posted it on fbook right away - of course! (See picture attached, ugh I'm in love.)

I haven't worked out since last Wednesday, and I do feel worse, I was getting better with the sicks, and now I'm at at standstill of just ups and downs. Kinda like when I wasn't pregnant and if I didn't workout I would be mopey, sluggish, sad, crabby. And fall into a deep stooper. My issue lately is finding clothes that I feel comfortable in. My spandex that I usually wore, are snug as a bug, and I am at the stages of muffin top and baby top. But my little nugget, is just that, a nugget (of chicken) so, I shouldn't care what people think, but thinking I'm pudgy is NOT an option. Wearing the baggier capri pants and t-shirt make me feel like a relative of Honey Boo-Boo. But, whatever I gotta do to get my endorphins right?

Size Of Baby: Peach

I think when they told me Peapod, they meant the length.

Foods I'm Digging: Carbohydrates

Hobbies I enjoy to make me content: Shopping, it's therapy, and pretty much the same cost as a real therapy session! hahah

What I'm looking forward to: The snow being gone so I can ride my bike.