Who's sitting next to me?
Who's sitting next to me?
It's Official. I'm moving to Florida. Tomorrow. Every year winter comes SUPER FAST MIND YOU and every year I think to myself, "uughh, I know this is winter, but I hate it" (yes hate, it's a strong word) then I for 3 months, I complain, then just go into denial that I live in Michigan and turn into a frigid old lady, and my insides turn to frost. How is one to go to class at noon hour? Do I bring an EXTRA large bag with boots, and sweats and sweatshirts, or do I change at the Y now before class, meaning I have to make up MORE time that I have lost on my lunch hour. I am averaging an hour and 10 minute lunch with my noon classes, somedays I'm fast like superman, others I'm like Blanch from the Golden Girls.

I'm being overly dramatic here, but I just want to curl in a ball and cry from the snow. Maybe I'll roll myself down a hill, turn myself into a snowman, and hope that some little kids puts a carrot on my face so I have some sort of substance to snack on for the winter. I think I need a major facelift on how I see my working out snow problems. Because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one living in Menominee with the snow. #oramI

This morning was not glamorous either. I am dealing with a sick 3 year old, who is just like her mama when it comes to the dramatics. She demanded on switching her underwear, wouldn't put on her pants, and was crying with snot running down her face. That's what I had to deal with. I should of just sat next to her and joined her pitty party, bc it's how I was feeling. Not to mention, she insisted on wearing every mardi gras bead ever made (from parades) and they were all tangled up, so i had to untangle them.

So hit me with ideas 1. dealing with the snow slush bitter cold

One problem at a time. I'm NO miracle worker.