EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. EVERY. SINGLE. BREATH. EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT is another chance to turn it all around.

You just downed #1 chinese on your lunch hour, whoops the WHOLE to-go container. Move On. You ate a Big Mac meal Sunday hoping to strike gold with Monopoly. Move On. You slept walked to the kitchen and ate 1/2 of your ice cream container. Move On.

So much of our existence is talking about what we did. What about what were going to do? What about the promises we make to ourselves every single day. If I snooze the alarm now, I have to workout later today. Prove it to yourself. Stop talking about what you didn't do, and do it right now. I just now walked into the break room looking for a snack. I wanted something nasty. But, I made the commitment to a diet mountain dew, pretzel crisps and an apple. Every, single, moment. I've been really struggling the past few days to get it together in the eating department. So, I've been trying to just eat it and move on. So those scenarios you previously read, may be part of a true story. Life comes with the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly. We gotta just ride with it. I still dream about that birthday cake I passed up in April. (which reminds me of that spoonful of frosting I ate last night) I have been a gross garbage disposal this week. But I'm still commited to working out, so it's those habits that I started forming months ago, that make it ok that I sometimes fall into a vat of frosting or brownies now and then. Because I know, brownie belly bloat or not, I gotta get up and workout. Amazing People Do Not Just Happen.