I had some login issues last week, so this is a blog I wrote last week on 5/5, I did manage to "upload" the right date, just a week later.

    Herey, Herey! I come to you spreading rainbows and fairy dust on this early morning! I feel alive and free and ready to conquer the world today and everyday! I finally got off my butt and took a run/walk last Monday night with Snailfest, heavy on the walk-------- and it felt so rejuvenating. Then, after my lovely exercise activity, I met with Melissa at the YMCA for a session of healthy eating and getting back into a workout routine that works for me. I am going to shoot for 4 times a week of physical activity, and anything else after that is just a bonus! And, I am going to quit eating whatever I want, when I want, and keep my composure when it comes to jalapeno kettle chips and packets of ketchup and adding salt. Did I ever tell you, that my favorite thing to do is to get McDonald's french fries, put a ketchup packet or 4 on them, then sprinkle the delicious finely sifted salt on top of them for added goodness? Well, now I did. I didn't do it every week, but when I did do it, look out, it was amaze-balls. No more, we stop here! (until I feel the need)
   So, I am starting a food journal, and writing down my activity old school on a sheet of paper. And, indulging if I feel the need, but keeping it to a minimum. So, this morning for breakfast instead of my usual 2 bowls of fruity pebbles ---I had a protein bar, apple and am sipping on a non fat latte from McDonalds. I'd say it's a vast improvement, from my cereal, 9 am snack of whatever then 10 oclock snack of whatever.
    Sometimes we all just need a little push in the right direction. No matter how advanced you are in your healthy journey, it's nice to have someone hold your hand, and sometimes slap it when you are getting out of line. It's all about accountability people. Get Some! The eating part will be hard, as it always is. But I think, the workout part may be harder getting down a good schedule that works with me and my family. But, I keep telling myself, if I'm not happy, how can I make anyone else happy?! AMEN!