Look how happy we are! Those girls are just little rascals!
Look how happy we are! Those girls are just little rascals!
Well, Well, Well, Lookey here, we made it to the 20 week point! (For a while, I wasn't so sure.) And does everyone know what 20 weeks means?! It's gender time. I went in today and at the very last minute, buzzer beater, the little slugger showed "it's" goods. (we like to pretend it's a boy) But, nobody but a very trusty friend will know what were having until Saturday! I can thank Pinterest for telling me I HAVE to throw this "Gender Reveal" party. So my trusty buddy is making me a wonderful pink or blue cake and is going to get balloons the color of my baby and put them in a Maytag Dryer box (decorated of course), then on the count of 3- we'll open the box and let the balloons fly into the sky like the fourth of July. I painted a wonderful picture didn't I?! But really, I bet the box won't open correctly and we'll have to tip it upside down and shake them out. Just my guess.

My S.I. has been acting up again. I skipped 2 days of stretching and I'm back to being "Ma" from the Golden Girls. Went to class Wednesday, and here we are today. Stiff as a board. No amount of stretching is helping me walk better. I do hope to get a walk/run in Friday and perhaps some weights.

Ahh I'm so excited to find out what I'm having. I would like a boy, but obviously will be super happy with a girl. So either way I'm going to scream and be like "YES!" when I see the colors float through the sky. Weird, it's going to be a boy or a girl, not many choices in the gender world. 50/50.

Size of Baby: Banana or Small Cantaloupe--

Cravings: Pasta, Carbs, Pasta, Salt, Funyuns (still) If it's a boy, I can assume he is getting ready for High School Football Spaghetti Dinners. If it's a girl, she's probably talking on the phone to her bestie obsessing about the calories and carbs she is currently eating. I'm not sure we can handle another diva in the house! ::Insert Mariah Carey's Singing Voice::