Chomp. Chomp.
Chomp. Chomp.
So I feel like I'm not qualified to even write this blog anymore, my workouts are at 0%. Yup, they sadly are. It's 60% my fault, 40% Old Man Winter's fault. Something has to give right? I am no longer interested in rushing from place to place stressing myself out over the lack of hours in the day to get from point A to point B just to sweat out some frustration. Instead I just eat it. I am just praying for the snow and cold weather to be gone---- last year I would of been all macho saying "I stand up to this weather, and I'll go for a run with my snowsuit on" This winter (well isn't it spring) I just give up. Sad, sad, sad. But I'm actually NOT sad. I'm just like- welp, I'll just keep waiting for the birds to sing in the morning to tell me it's time to enjoy the day. I think heard the birds maybe 2 days in the last month? ::Push Snooze Button::

The Boston Marathon is next Monday! My girl J. Campbell will be there sprinting across the finish line--- Go J-Dogg! I think this marathon would be the best Boston to actually run at. I bet there are flowers and memorials all throughout the finish line, inspirational posters EVERYWHERE- and I bet people show up, just to show up. People will probobly PR there in pure dedication. Amazing. I suggest you follow the news starting Friday I believe, I would think there would be something on espn or even local news. Hey! Did you see little old Menominee was on Fox11 last night for the Ice Shoves?! Well geee whizz, now I gotta go down to see them, of all the years of my life living here I have never went to see them. I'd like to think it's something new that has just started happening.

Who has the magical date of when I won't need my winter jacket?

Baby: Turnip or I prefer Onion (I relate better to a vegetable I actually eat)

Baby Movements: Kicking- feels like bubbles and gas, but I assure you, I know the difference (internet confirmed) IT'S NOT A TUMA

Activities: Sadly peering out my window waiting for the sun

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out BOY OR GIRL- May 8th!