Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks! My sickies are subsiding and I have taken off my seabands (bands you wear on a ship to help with seasickness, yup looking pretty stylish)

Last week I had the whole week off and managed to workout 3 days! I even ran on the treadmill, it didn't feel that bad and I didn't even feel bad for my peapod going for a joyride. I still need to get a routine down, but I think I'll wait until I am 100% over this on and off sickness.

Baby is currently snacking on his/her very first cadbury egg. I'll tell you one thing, there will be more of those in it's near future. You know, my first pregnancy, I was super worried about gaining a huge amount of weight and not being able to lose it, but I actually lost it all within 3 weeks. So this time, I'm not worried at all, and am really just trying to enjoy the ride. Especially since I've learned a few times that if I overeat, I get a really bad feeling through my body, kinda like death. So overeatting is NOT an option. Thank Goodness! I just graze like a pretty cow. I think that's it. I don't know how many of you actually care about my pregnancy, so I'll try to get really physically active in the gym soon, so I can keep you interested in my sweat session. Talking about the gym right now, kinda makes me want to go there..... I can't WAIT until it's like 40-50 degrees and I can walk outside during my lunch hour!

Weight Gained To Date: 6 lbs. (blame the chinese and floured nachos weeks 6-9)

Goal Weight To Gain: 20-25 lbs.

Size Of Baby: peapod

Foods I'm Digging: Carbohydrates

Foods I'm Sick Of: Water & Saltines, but I gotta do it, anything sweet makes me gag.