So yesterday, I got in my workout, more than a I planned and had my running buddy go with me, then this morning got a complete workout in by 6:30 am. BOOM. But I really still don't think getting up at 5:10am is cool, AT ALL, but once you actually get to the gym or go outside and do your thang, you see other people doing what your doing who confirm you are not crazy. Working out before work is the most ideal possibility that ever was invented. As long as I am out of the shower by 7:00, I'm golden.

So, what did we learn from yesterday's laziness? Most of the time, after a workout, you really do feel energized to conquer the world, I could of NEVER did my random Pinterest ideas if I would have gone straight home from work. Originally I planned on making tuna helper and garlic toast. Sleepy carbs, followed by more sleepy carbs, so after my run, I made a veggie stirfry and garlic toast. Drank water, no beer, the hubster drilled some holes in my planter, I organized my scarfs, I organized my husbands hats, swept & mopped, even gave Mad-Dog a bath. The only thing left from yesterday is Angeli's.

Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. That has been my motto for the past couple of days. It works with my life right now. Sometimes you have to mix up your daily motivational quotes to spruce things up and get excited again. My "does it help me" has now become boring like putting on my shoes, so I need another way to continually tell myself to keep it together. What will YOU accomplish today?