This is a screenshot taken on a PS4 as I was starting the alpha. That's right. I was thinking, "Why thank you Bungie. That was very nice."
This is a screenshot taken on a PS4 as I was starting the alpha. That's right. I was thinking, "Why thank you Bungie. That was very nice."

I was never really big into playing betas. I was always afraid my computer or gaming system were going to blow up, and then I wouldn't be able to play the other games I had. And what for? Just to get a feel for what one game was going to look like before it came out. It seemed selfish on my part to risk my gaming system or computer's demise like that.

And then my sister talked me into, I believe it was the third beta, for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It looked so beautiful, the environments, the fluidity between cut scenes and gameplay, the epic storyline, the CREATE A PLAYER. It was all so beautiful in the beta that my sister joined that I couldn't miss out on the next.

Since then, I've been almost jumping at the chance if a game catches my eye. After all, my computer didn't blow up. So, what was the harm?

Shortly after that, there was the big announcement about the PS4 coming out, with shortly thereafter an announcement about the Xbox One coming out. My sister was telling me how excited she was about this game coming out by Bungie called Destiny. Essentially, it's an massively multiplayer online game (MMO). I couldn't put the two together. The last Bungie game I played (and tried) that I enjoyed for more than a few months was Halo 2, which I enjoyed nightly for approximately two years. That was a first person shooter (FPS). I just couldn't get into the thought of a FPS coming together with an MMO and something not going terribly wrong in the gameplay. So, I just agreed with her how amazing it was going to be and went on playing DC Universe Online, which was fantastic, especially while the Avengers was at the theaters.

Some time after that, my sister, gloating because it sounded like Playstation had made all the right choices with their next gen console and Xbox made all the wrong choices -- at least as far as my inner circle was concerned -- brought up Destiny again. She told me it looked like a great game. Still wasn't interested, especially since I felt my loyalty to Microsoft would get in the way of me playing.

Then, I got an email. It basically said that I probably should register to play the alpha. Alpha?! That's before the beta, that has to be extra special! So I registered and received my code to enter the alpha a day or so later, and proceeded to download the game
. I didn't have a whole lot planned that weekend, so I played ... and played... and played. And made another character... and played more. I played so much, and didn't even hit some of the vital aspects of the game (player vs. player (PVP) or the Crucible). After playing, my main issue with the game? The characters run funny when you actually see your character. It's a first person, so you usually only see weapons and hands. I also didn't see a world map. I'm used to having that option, but it was an alpha, so that may change by the time it actually comes out.

Right now all the Bungie people are fine tuning any glitches or anything that needs a bit of tweaking. I don't think there's a whole lot to do, but hopefully come release date, everything will go according to plan. The last two games I had for release date had major problems, so I'm not holding my breath. And the last two games that had problems on their release have more than made up for the problems that happened during the first week or so.

Yes, the alpha removed most doubt about the epicness of this game. I'll let you know if it fails to meet my standards once it's released.