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  • Shedding light on melanoma
    9/21/2016 It’s a common sight every Spring when college students break free from their classrooms, and Southern beaches become packed with fair-skinned, skimpily clad young men and women soaking up the rays. It’s all good fun, says your Aunt Debbie, until someone gets skin cancer.

  • 9/21/2016 MARINETTE — With more than 2,600 children under 13 involved in a car crash every day, or one child every 33 seconds, parents need to be extra vigilant about keeping kids safe in cars. And while most families put kids in car seats, the latest research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that 59 percent of car seats are not installed correctly. To bring parents easy-to-access expert advice to protect their children in cars, Safe Kids Worldwide is launching a new resource today called the Ultimate Car Seat Guide as part of Child Passenger Safety Week. Visit

  • Is it an ulcer or something else?
    9/7/2016 I regularly treat patients who report having abdominal or intestinal pain. How do you know if you have developed an ulcer and why do ulcers cause such pain?

  • Members of Stingray swim team aim to improve individually
    8/24/2016 The Marinette Menominee YMCA/USA Stingray swim team has been an active part of our community for a very long time. Our swim team goal and purpose is to promote physical fitness, develop leadership skills and sportsmanship, learn self-discipline, gain self-confidence, and provide a competitive swimming experience in a place where a swimmers full potential can be reached.

  • 8/3/2016 Surgery — the mere mention of the word is likely to evoke a flood of powerful and sometimes conflicting emotions.
    Carl actually felt somewhat relieved. After suffering chest pain and shortness of breath for many months, he believed that open-heart surgery would allow him to regain a normal lifestyle.

  • Heart and Sole Sisters start second year
    7/27/2016 The Heart and Sole Sisters program will be starting its 2nd year of the program come fall.

  • Planning to get pregnant?
    7/20/2016 Women who are planning to get pregnant want to ensure the healthiest pregnancies possible. One way to do this is by planning ahead.

  • Recognizing tremors and finding the cause
    7/13/2016 You can undoubtedly remember many times when your hands or body trembled — walking into the room for an important job interview, standing at the podium to receive a public award or simply waiting for a bus in cold weather.

  • 7/6/2016 Most of us love the summer months in Wisconsin and Michigan — warm weather, sunshine and plenty of outdoor events and activities. We know to put on sunscreen to protect our skin, but many people don’t think about what else they should be doing in the summer heat.

  • Importance of  exercising  with age
    6/29/2016 “Inactivity increases with age. By age 75, about one in three men and one in two women engage in no physical activity,” as reported in the International Sports Sciences Association’s (ISSA) Fitness: The Complete Guide. This statistic is startling because physical activity is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that we have. With that being said, it would make sense for men and women to continue to stay active as they age to help maintain a certain level of youth. Unfortunately, that is not the case and this is one of the main reasons why disabilities and diseases plague our older population.

  • 6/29/2016 MILWAUKEE — There were 119 sudden unexpected infant death cases in Wisconsin during 2013 and 2014, according to the most recent data available. The figure is part of the latest report by Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin, a program led by Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Maternal and Child Health, Title V Program.

  • 6/29/2016 MILWAUKEE — Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend and the American Red Cross has steps they can follow to stay safe when enjoying the fireworks or taking a trip to the beach.

  • Welcome to Tot Watch
    6/22/2016 Welcome to Tot Watch! If you have been here at least once we promise to recognize you and your child(ren) and commit your names to memory because while you are here you are the number one priority.

  • 6/15/2016 The weather is warmer and the official start of summer is upon us. Many people have already begun cleaning up their yards, working in their gardens, doing major and minor home repairs, and have started to cut wood for the next winter already.

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