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  • Aging healthfully
    7/22/2015 Now is the time the Greater Marinette-Menominee YMCA encourages all adults 50 years and older in the Marinette-Menominee area to get motivated and develop behaviors that are crucial to healthy aging, including healthy eating, increasing physical activity and social interaction. 

  • Weight management: Not the same as dieting
    7/15/2015 We are all bombarded, on a daily basis, with information about dieting. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Work out early. Don’t eat late. It’s no wonder most people really don’t have any idea about what works best anymore. Let me suggest reframing how you think about it with two words: weight management.   

  • Becoming an aqua kid at RCCP
    7/8/2015 Children are not really a group that comes to mind when we think of programmed exercise. Yet, getting children acclimated with the water and teaching them to use the pool as an exercise tool has shown to provide a number of benefits to not only the health of the child, but their safety and development as well. A substantial body of research supports early swimming lessons and acclimation with the water to significantly reduced the risk of drowning, improve motor and neurological development, accelerate cognitive development, improve memory, aid in communication skills and improve social confidence. 

  • 7/1/2015 

    Skin protection is a very important part of everyday health. It’s also a top summer health concern to Wisconsin residents. According to Aurora Health Care’s Quarterly Health of Wisconsin Report in July 2015, nearly 8 in 10 Wisconsinites are concerned about protecting their skin from dangerous UV Rays.


  • Keep running toward your goal
    6/24/2015 Running has been a passion of mine for many years and with each passing year I find greater stillness when I’m in motion. I want to share one of my passions with you. I want you to know that with a sound plan, belief in yourself, commitment, discipline, consistency and perseverance you can achieve your running goals. 

  • Is it gardening aches and pains or is it arthritis?
    6/17/2015 This time of year, there are a lot of people who become “weekend warriors.” They’re out gardening, doing yard work or participating in outdoor sports like golf, bicycling or running; things they haven’t done since the weather turned cold last fall. It inevitably leads to Monday morning aches and pains. But how do you know when those aches and pains are something more? Maybe arthritis? 

  • 6/17/2015 WASHINGTON — June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, and multiple levels of government are drawing awareness to the disease by sponsoring legislation supporting affected individuals and supporting initiatives to protect citizens who may act out as a result of the disease. 

  • Staying safe while in the pool
    6/10/2015 Splashing in a swimming pool is a sure way to have summer fun. But it’s important to make safety a priority to protect children and others in and around the water. 

  • Understanding Medicare benefits for preventive services
    6/3/2015 Along with exercising, eating well, keeping a healthy weight and not smoking, a healthy lifestyle can be supported by taking advantage of preventative health care services. 

  • 6/3/2015 Family Care services and supports are now available to residents in Oconto County. Family Care, Wisconsin’s successful reform program providing managed long-term care supports and services to qualified elderly and people with disabilities, is now being implemented throughout Northeastern Wisconsin. 

  • 6/3/2015 The American Red Cross urges donors to choose their day to give hope to patients in need by donating blood or platelets during the “100 days of summer. 100 days of hope,” campaign, officially sponsored by Suburban Propane. 

  • YMCA offers swimming safety tips
    5/27/2015 As swim season approaches, the Greater Marinette-Menominee YMCA encourages children and parents in Marinette and Menominee counties to explore the many benefits of swimming, while also keeping safety top of mind. In the Y’s swim programs, participants can enjoy water sports, enhance or learn new techniques, meet new friends and develop confidence, while also learning safety skills that can save lives. 

  • Sleep well
    5/20/2015 In our busy society, skimping on sleep has become the unfortunate norm for too many of us. 

  • Take steps to stay  safe around the water
    5/13/2015 Swimming is the most popular summer activity. The best thing you can do to help your family stay safe is to enroll in age-appropriate swim lessons. 

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