Never has the title of my blog, "Big on Wisconsin," been more fitting. Two guys who were once big players in Wisconsin returned to the Wisconsin spotlight earlier this month.

These two big men are large in different ways. One of these gentlemen is one of the biggest names in the history of Wisconsin politics. The other is the biggest guy living in Milwaukee not already playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson became the early favorite to win Herb Kohl's U.S. Senate seat when he beat out three conservative candidates in a tough primary last week. The four-term Wisconsin Governor served as Wisconsin's leader from 1987 to 2001.

Former Milwaukee Bucks center, Joel Przbilla, signed with the team after wearing different uniforms for the past eight seasons. He played for the Bucks from 2000 to 2004.

Both men have a connection to Kohl. As owner of the Bucks, Kohl certainly approves of Przbilla being back in the Wisconsin spotlight but Thompson won't get his approval. Kohl, a Democrat, would rather see his seat filled by Democratic U.S. Rep Tammy Baldwin.

During much of the past decade, these big guys from Wisconsin starred in bigger places. Przbilla played for NBA teams in Atlanta and Portland while Thompson served as Health and Human Services Secretary for President George W. Bush. The last few years have been slower-than-usual for both. Thompson worked in the private sector while Przbilla recovered from two knee surgeries.

Both of these guys remained Wisconsinites even though their jobs took them elsewhere. While working in Washington, there was no doubt Thompson would come back to Wisconsin. And Przbilla lived in Milwaukee even as he played for other teams.

Welcome back to the Wisconsin spotlight, big guys.