Although the cheating will be difficult to forgive, it's the lying that we will never forget. Ryan Braun will never be the same player or person in the eyes of most baseball fans, including many loyal Milwaukee Brewers' fans.

As baseball fans across the country joyfully hope for the worst for Braun next season, Brewers' loyalists will have a much more difficult time with this horrible predicament Braun has given us. Fans from opposing teams can aggressively cheer against both Braun and the Brewers but Brewers' fans will search for a way to separate their feelings for Braun from their hopes for the team.

Let's not hold Braun's cheating and lying against his teammates and club management. The Brewers did not cheat and they did not lie. Braun is the only one who deserves the blame. He lied to teammates, managers, coaches and the team's owner just as he lied to us. The Brewers don't deserve this nightmare and we should do our best not to harm the team as we take out our frustrations on Braun.

When he returns to the team next season, we can let Braun know how we feel to whatever level we choose without hurting the team. Please keep going to games, and when you do, go ahead and let Braun hear it when he takes the field and when he strikes out. But let's not hope for the worst. A poor performing Braun will hurt the team even more than they have already been hurt by his mess.

Off the field, it's a bit easier. We can buy Jean Sergura, Jonathan Lucroy or Carlos Gomez jerseys instead of one with the number eight on the back. But on the field, we'll have to hope Braun delivers at the plate when it means that one of his teammates will score a needed run.