This is a screenshot from Real Fireworks.
This is a screenshot from Real Fireworks.
"Baby, you're a firework!" Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

I've always loved the Fourth of July. I've been getting fireworks with my dad since I was little. We even used to go as far as getting ratings from our audience (our friends and family), so we would know what fireworks worked out the best for us.

This year wasn't as super with the fireworks. Lots of laughing and a whole lot of fun, but not a whole lot of fireworks. One, it's not the top thing on list of things to get this year (unfortunately, but there's always next year), and two, it was raining and storming and all kinds of nonsense. And on top of that, I have to work tomorrow. I think the Fourth of July should be more considerate next year and land on a Friday or Monday... either way works for me.

So even though seeing fireworks IRL was just not in the cards for me this year, I figured I'd tell you of a few games that have fun with fireworks, or are firework wannabes.

Boom Boom Rocket, is a game that's on the XBL arcade. It's a much cheaper version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but it plays much the same way as its a rhythm game. You hit the correct buttons as they hit a line in the sky. It leaves you with a fun fireworks display on your television, tricked out with some wicked renditions of classical music.

Real Fireworks, is an app, available on the iTunes App Store. It gives you a lovely interactive fireworks display on your device, with several different options from color to size to gravity. This version doesn't come with music, but it does come with some decent fireworks sounds. Oh, and it was free.

The last app I leave you with is Pulse: Volume One. It is $2.99, but is definitely one that pays for itself and is probably the most used app on my iPad. It's another rhythm game. And it's not technically fireworks, but the notes explode into vibrant shapes each time you hit them accurately. There's also a good variety of songs that makes the game really fun to play again and again.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, fireworks or not!

See you next week, when I talk about something else.