I have to admit, I love to read a book or play a game or watch a movie that everyone is all up in arms about - mostly to see why they're freaking out. I have noticed that majority of the time, people are just freaking out for absolutely no reason.

Case in point: The 50 Shades series by E. L. James. I really don't understand why people are freaking out about these books. I read through the first one and was stoked to be reading it, but it started to lose its luster. I finished the first book, strongly disliking the main character, Ana. So I moved on to the second book thinking maybe she'd redeem herself to me. But I'm now stuck at 47 percent and waiting for my Sandman books to be delivered or the new Neil Gaiman book to come out (whichever I get my hands on first).

Now that that's over, I come to the most interesting part of the series. Talk over who will play each character in the movie is on my FB newsfeed almost daily. Everyone has their thoughts of who should play Christian or who should not play Ana. I've also seen people pinning on Pinterest photos of who their ideal cast is for the upcoming movie.

I've seen a lot of good ideas, but I haven't found the time to do the research to find my ideal cast. Although Elliot was suggested to be played by Jared Padalecki by my sister (I think), and that one just stuck for me.

And even though the book wasn't quite the book I expected, I find the movie talk very entertaining. But it still leaves me with the question, how is this movie going to be filmed without getting a more graphic rating than NC-17?

I'll see you next time when I talk about something else.