Like majority of people, I've watched my fair share of television shows, and can't wait until some of my current shows begin this fall.

I'm going to warn you, I'm not an uber television watcher. I usually play video or computer games in my down time, and for me, majority of television programming just doesn't compare. And I'm really turned away from a lot of the reality shows out there, too.

With that said, one of my favorite shows to currently watch started its third season last night on SyFy. It's a reality show. But it's awesome. For those who haven't watched Face Off, this show is a competition for people who would like start or get back into a career creating movie make up. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the winner gets some awesome movie makeup, $100,000 and a car?

This episode was a fun start to the season. I was able to see all the makeup artists, found out there's a new judge AND a contestant already left the show, on his own accord.

There was a quick Foundation Challenge that was at a party for the contestants, hosted by Sean Astin, where a piece of the party had to be incorporated into the makeup. Astin also was a surprise judge for the challenge, announcing the winner as Eric Garcia. He received immunity from being kicked off the second challenge shown in that episode. The challenge, where competitors were given a specific amount of time to complete over the course of three days, was to make a character that could fit into a modern version of the classic Star Wars cantina scene. There were a lot of great concepts, with some brought to life in movie makeup and others falling short of the design. The team of Rod Maxwell and Roy Wooley took home the prize with an amazing mech outfit and creepy shrunken dude combination.

This isn't the only show I'm stoked about for fall, but those are for different blogs. Are you just stoked, obsessed or strangely intrigued to see this fall? What's on your television line up?

See ya next week when I talk about something else!