-Waves hand in front of your face- "You will buy Kinect Star Wars."

It didn't work, did it? Apparently I need some more training from Master Yoda.

Okay, so maybe I got a little too wrapped up in Kinect Star Wars the other night. But it's so fun, and I just can't stop talking about it to my coworkers.

My dad decided to get a Star Wars edition Xbox 360 about a month back. He kept hearing things about the Kinect and since my brother and I just don't have room for one where our Xboxes are set up, he decided to get one. And when he saw the Star Wars edition, it brought back so many old memories that he had to get that one.

So since we finally moved and are kind of moved in, although we have more things planned for the house, I decided it was a good time to set it up. It went quickly as I've set up and taken down my share of gaming systems. But even if I hadn't, the Xbox gives you some simple instructions to set up the systems so you're up and playing in no time. I did have issues with calibrating the mic, but it works without it, so don't fret.

Once everything was set, I thought I would give Kinect Adventures a go. It was fun that any age could participate in. I spent some time fixing holes in my underwater glass case, rafting down a raging river and hurdling through an obstacle course while on a train track. Once I had enough of that, and saving the best for last (hopefully), I decided to check out Kinect Star Wars.

It starts off with the Kinect recognizing your profile and the game starting out in true Star Wars fashion and C3PO arguing with R2D2 as they went through the Jedi archives. Here they give you a choice at what you want to do, pod racing, dancing, running around as a Rancor or even playing a padwan Jedi through some missions.

I wanted to be a padwan. I mean, who hasn't wanted Mace Windu, Yoda or Obi Wan to take you under their wing to teach you the ways of the Force and make you a great Jedi Knight? Oh, only me, huh? Well, don't lie to yourself, you know a little part of you wants to fight for the Rebel Alliance, or at the very least wield a light saber. I know it.

Anyway, I did't get through the whole mission, but I did get through most of it. The best part was that I was the controller, you know, like real life. I kicked, maneuvered my light saber, jumped from ship to ship and knocked down enemy robots with the Force. And I can't wait to do it again. The thing that makes this so unique is that, at least at this point, the motivation comes from wanting to further the storyline. Even though, after a little research online, each mission burns about 300 calories. Bonus!

See you next time, hopefully as a Jedi Knight, or at least a little more fit. Next time I'll be talking about the Great and Powerful Oz.