Menominee T-ball
A&B Automotive Orioles vs. Taco Bell Reds
A&B Automotive Orioles’ Maddy Christianson had an amazing hit. Lauren Paidl hit a home run. Taco Bell played well in its last game.
Waupaca Foundry Cardinals vs. Kiwanis Mets
Waupaca Foundry Cardinals’ Carter Starzinski had two doubles deep to center field. Kiwanis Mets’ Dayton Monfils had a big hit. Brady Short and Branden Wozniak made great plays.
Zeratsky Extreme Blue Jays vs. Kiwanis Angels
Zeratsky Extreme Blue Jays’ Ryan Tuch went 3 for 3 with two of his hits landing in the outfield. Kiwanis Angels’ Jackson Boeshaar had a hit from each side of the batter’s box in his first game as a switch hitter.