Rocket Math

From left, Daniel Zuehls, Ethan Axtell, Mark Ehle and Mason Vargo. Not pictured but also achieved a certificate and trophy are Liam Larson and Axton Beno.

MENOMINEE — Blesch Intermediate School has been working with a fact fluency program called Rocket Math since 2004. The computerized format that came out in 2010-11 gives students an opportunity to use it at home, during study hall, during Differentiated Instruction (Title I services) or any free time they might have. Each grade level has different fact fluency levels that students work on to help improve their math skills.

For each grade there are 16 levels, from addition (Level 1) through fractions and decimal equivalents (Level 16). Each level has inner levels A-Z. Once the student passes all 16 levels, they earn a certificate of achievement and a trophy to acknowledge that they have successfully completed each of the levels.