Masters of Their Craft Challenge

Second-year Electro-Mechanical Technology student Diana Schemonia, enrolled at NWTC Marinette, works on her machine.

MARINETTE — Students at NWTC Marinette are participating this month in a new competition: Masters of Their Craft Challenge. The electro-mechanical, automotive and welding students will compete to show off the skills they have learned at NWTC in their chosen field. CNC/Machining students may participate at a later time.

“I wanted to promote a fellowship within the trades fields and highlight students’ accomplishments in the pursuit of their degree,” said Rebecca Denowski, student involvement coordinator, who worked with faculty to design the competition. “Plus, it’s just fun!”

More than 30 NWTC Marinette students from Marinette, Menominee, Peshtigo, plus cities like Daggett and Abrams, are participating in the on-campus competition. Electro-Mechanical Technology students will complete a timed automation wiring challenge, Automotive Maintenance Technician students will compete in a torque challenge, and Welding students will complete a plasma design challenge.

“While all trades classes are in-person right now, the students are not interacting with each other as much outside of class because of health and safety concerns,” explained Wally Remic, automotive maintenance technology instructor. “This challenge allows them to see virtually what is happening in the other trades classrooms this fall.”

The winning students will receive gift cards from local businesses that connect to their field of study. Trophies will also be awarded.

Second-year Electro-Mechanical Technology student Diana Schemonia said, “I’m excited to participate in the challenge to practice and demonstrate everything I’ve been learning.”

To see results and video of the students in action, people may visit