Jennifer Flatt

Jennifer Flatt

Our first Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition column appeared in the EagleHerald one year ago this October. What a year it has been! NWTC Marinette and UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus are working together to better serve area students seeking a pathway into college or advancement in their current career.

We recognize that students’ lives are changing. With work, life and family commitments many students need flexibility in their calendar to start their college journey. The traditional idea of a 16-week semester has evolved to meet the needs of students as both campuses offer multiple starting points throughout the year.

At NWTC Marinette, the College moved to a new academic calendar with the 8-Week Advantage. Students take classes in two 8-week blocks instead of the traditional 15-week semester.

The next eight weeks at NWTC begins Oct. 21. NWTC’s spring semester begins Jan. 18 and March 24.

Additionally, UW-Green Bay has an accelerated online associate degree programs with start dates nearly every six weeks throughout the year. Like other tracks at both campuses, this pathway has built-in flexibility, allowing students to manage a job, family and education.

Students could start online classes through UW-Green Bay Jan. 4 for a short January-Term. UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus spring semester begins Jan. 25. Both Colleges also offer summer courses.

What does all that mean for area students? No waiting to start the process. Whenever the motivation, vision and life moment aligns students are able to get started. Students can apply for and may receive financial aid no matter the start date.

Better still, advisers at both our two local campuses are working carefully together to make sure that students can have available to them the widest array of classes possible. They can help students see what will seamlessly transfer from one institution to the other and even help students take classes at both campuses at the same time.

Multiple college entry points throughout the calendar year are yet another way that NWTC and UW-Green Bay are listening to our communities. Whether students want to attend full time, part-time, or one course at a time, our advisers will help plan a course schedule that fits with your life calendar.

Jennifer Flatt is the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Dean. Cindy Bailey is the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus, Campus Executive Officer.