Dun-Good Riders: Snowmobile and ATV/UTV trails in the Dunbar and Goodman areas of Northwestern Marinette County are open, groomed and in excellent condition. The trails were freshened up thanks to 4-5 inches of snow on Monday night and the trails have been continuing to be groomed throughout the week. Winter ATV/UTV use is allowed. The Club Ride is on Saturday and that goes to the Pemenee River Riders 3rd annual Brat Fry in Pembine.

NOTE: Riding ATV/UTV’s on Highway 8 is illegal. The trail that connects to Armstrong Creek is not accessible for ATV/UTV use because the trail is on the highway right-of-way.

Pemenee River Riders: All trails in the Pembine/Beecher/Niagara areas are open, will be groomed by the weekend and are in excellent riding conditions. Four inches of fresh snow earlier in the week helped put down some fresh powder, and the trails are being groomed regularly. The 3rd annual Brat Fry on Saturday is being held at the River Riders’ clubhouse located at W8078 Rifle Range Road (behind Grand Motel).

Iron Snowshoe: Trails in the High Falls/Peshtigo River and Parkway areas west of Crivitz are open, groomed and in excellent condition thanks to the five inches of snow that was received earlier in the week. The groomers are out on a regular basis. The Iron Snowshoe trails do not allow ATV/UTVs on the trails when temperatures are 32 degrees or above.

Near North: Snowmobile and ATV/UTV trails located in Athelstane and Silver Cliff areas are open and will be groomed all week. With all of the snow in the Athlestane area this week and the predicted freezing temperatures, trails will be in excellent shape. The trail through the Athlestane swamp is still closed.

Kumalong Sno Riders: Trails in the Coleman/Pound/Peshtigo/Crivitz areas are open, in great shape are being groomed daily.

Ranger City Riders: Snowmobile only trails in the Amberg/Beecher/Wausaukee area are partly open. The RCR trail system is partially open and groomed with great riding conditions.

OPEN: Highway 141 trail (Cor 3), west trail (Cor 3), Hazelnut Loop, north trail (closed between Black Sam Road and Westberg Road; detour is marked).

PARTIALLY OPEN: East trail (Cor 1) open from Marek Road north to FR 404 (not groomed) and open from Wausaukee to Pike River Road (groomed). Local traffic only as it does not go all the way through (middle section between Pike River Road and County Highway K remain closed due to open water).

River Road Riders: Snowmobile only trails that cover Crivitz, Porterfield, Wausaukee, east to Marinette and south to Peshtigo area all open, groomed and in very good condition. Riders should be cautious for water/flooding in swamps. Six inches of fresh snow last night puts the trails in very good shape.

Oconto County Trail Report

Townsend Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV Club: After receiving 3.75 inches of snow from Tuesday’s storm, the groomers have been out and the trails should remain beautiful, in very good to excellent riding conditions except between Intersections 510 & 512. Those trails are in good condition but the hills are icy.

Bagley and Brazeau Joyriders: The trails receieved 6-8 inches of snow on Monday night and were groomed Tuesday and Wednesday to get them in excellent riding conditions. For the first time all year the low areas and marshes are being groomed.

Chute Pond Snowmobile Club: All trails are open, groomed on a regular basis and in very good condition. There is a new detour route from Intersection 447 that runs north and west and intersects with the 18 Corridor trail at Riverview Road.

EXCEPTIONS: Trails that will remain closed indefinitely are from Intersection 451-Intersection 453 (from east of Highway 32 behind the Junction to Jack Pine Road), and from Intersection 447 north to the 18 Corridor trail near Cooked Lake (the northern pipeline trail). Do not ride the closed trails as they have not been cleared from the July windstorms because the swamps are still wet and have not allowed equipment to get in to work on those areas yet.