DUNBAR — Snowmobile trails throughout Marinette County are open and ready for riders. Here is this week’s Marinette County Snowmobile Alliance trail report:

Dun-Good Riders: Snowmobile & ATV/UTV trails in the Goodman-Dunbar areas of Northwestern Marinette County are open and being groomed regularly. Trails are in excellent condition. There will also be the 22nd annual Brat Fry held at Roque’s 8-Hi Club in Goodman. See the club’s Facebook page and website for more information. (Note: Riding ATV & UTVs on Hwy 8 is illegal. The trail that connects to Armstrong Creek is not accessible for ATV/UTV because the trail is on the highway right of way.)

Pemenee River Riders: Trails in the Pembine/Beecher/Niagara areas are groomed and in very good condition thanks to the near 10 inches of snow accumulated over the weekend. All trails are open and will be groomed again this week. The 3rd annual Brat Fry and Ride at the Pemenee River Riders Club building on Rifle Range Road in Pembine will be held on Feb. 22.

Iron Snowshoe: Trail conditions in the High Falls/Peshtigo River and Parkway areas west of Crivitz are open and in the best conditions of the season thus far. About 8 inches of snow fell over the weekend and more snow is predicted for the end of the week.

Near North: Trails in the Athelstane and Silver Cliff areas have been groomed after the 6 to 8 inches that was received from the last snowfall, and now the trails are back in very good riding condition. The East trail is now groomed to the Amberg Swamp. Both the Amberg and Athelstane swamps will not be groomed due to standing water. ATV and UTV trails are open year round. Riders should always be cautious of swampy areas.

Kumalong Sno-Riders: Snowmobile trails only are open in the Coleman, Crivitz and Peshtigo areas. Riders are advised to use caution in low areas as they can be wet. The groomer is out and will not be able to get through the low areas. The farmers trail has several low areas, so riders should drive safe.

Ranger City Riders: Trails in the Amberg/Wausaukee areas are partly open. The Highway Trail, West Trail, Hazelnut Trail are all fully open. The North Trail is closed between Black Sam Road and Westberg Road due to a major trail repair and is marked with a detour sign. The RCR trail system is partially open with good riding conditions. The sections that are open have been and continue to be groomed and are in great condition. The East trail remains closed but is close to opening.

River Road Riders: Trails in the Marinette/Peshtigo/Crivitz/Wausaukee areas are open from Highway 64 north, but riders are to be cautious as early season trail conditions exist. Riders can expect downed trees, open creeks/swamps and standing corn. Due to poor ice conditions, ice crossings are not recommended so be prepared for obstacles and reroutes. Trail work and grooming is ongoing.

Oconto County Trail Conditions:

Townsend Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV Club: All trails are in excellent riding conditions except between intersections 510 and 512.

Lakewood Paul Bunyan Riders Snowmobile Club: All trails were groomed Sunday night and were in perfect condition. Trail boss Bob Prasser has been doing a great job coordinating his grooming crew to continue bringing stellar trails.

Bagley and Brazeau Joyriders: Trails are being groomed this week, but there are some areas that cannot be groomed yet because the ice needs to freeze up more. Watch out for water and icy spots, and please use caution as early season conditions on the trails are in play. If riding this week, keep an eye out for groomers as they will be on the trails. Some changes have been made, with the biggest coming to the trail leading to Suring. It is now four miles longer to get to downtown Suring, and the trail brings you to the RR grade that is one-mile south of town. The new intersection number is 195 and is not on the county maps. There will be an information sign at the intersection.

Chute Pond Snowmobile Club: All trails are open, groomed on a regular basis and in good to very good condition on the NST (RR grade from Suring to Intersection 695) and all trails west of the NST.

At the southernmost access point adjacent to the trail on the north side of Main St. (Highway 32) in Suring, there is a park and ride accessible to riders.

The wooded trails to Boulder Lake, Animals’ and the Mountain Lakes trail to Halfway Bar and the 18 corridor west of the NST are all in good to very good condition, while the trails east of the NST are in good “early season” condition, meaning there will be some bumps, dips and ruts to deal with as the groomers continue to work the trails.

The 18 Corridor east of the NST is a smooth ride all the way to Crooked Lake, but riders should be aware of a water hole/icy spot between Nelligan Road and Crooked Lake and will need to go around.

On the rest of the eastern trails, watch out for possible slushy and/or wet/icy/rough frozen areas.

The trail from Intersection 472 north (at Old 64) to 18 Corridor (Intersection 455) has reopened, but please use extra caution in this area as it will not have the chance to be groomed for a while yet, as the ice under the snow needs to develop more.

Trails that will remain closed indefinitely run from Intersection 451-Intersection 453 (from east of Highway 32 behind the junction to Jack Pine Road) and from Intersection 447 north to the 18 Corridor near Crooked Lake (the northern pipeline trail).

Riders should always be aware that any off-trail riding — even just to grab a little “loose snow” — could potentially be dangerous. The July wind storms devastated many of the forested trails in the area, and there are still many limbs and trees on the ground just off to the side of the groomed trails. Riders are urged to use reduced speeds and drive with extra caution as the forest and trails look very different since the summer storms. Numerous logging operations will be ongoing throughout the season. Riders are encouraged to carry a portable handsaw if possible in order to remove limbs and branches that continue to fall onto and over the trails.