MENOMINEE — The Menominee Regional Airport Committee Tuesday discussed an upcoming logging project at the airport.

Michigan law dictates how high trees can be near an airport and this project is to ensure the airport complies by these regulations.

Menominee County approved of a timber sale contract from Upper Michigan Land Management & Wildlife Services, Inc. Sept. 7 for lumber at the airport.

“That allows (the forester) to move forward and negotiate the stumpage prices with the logger,” County Administrator Jason Carviou said. “On this project, because of the uniqueness of it, they are going to work directly with Sanville Logging.”

Menominee County has already contracted Sanville Logging, of Cornell, Michigan, to complete the Bagley Park logging project.

Carviou said he brought a representative from both Upper Michigan Land Management and Sanville Logging around the Menominee Regional Airport to show which areas need to be logged.

He said he hopes the county will not owe anything on the project once the excess lumber is sold.

Carviou said he plans to be proactive with getting the airport ready for the forester and logger when they begin the project, which is scheduled to be completed throughout winter.

“We need to get a surveyor out there to do lines along the northern part of the airport, where there is no fencing,” he said. Carviou said this part of the project should cost less than $5,000 so he will go ahead and hire the surveyor himself. The county administrator is allowed to spend up to $5,000 on projects without county approval.

The exact cost of this project is not known, as the contract will be based on the amount of wood taken out of the airport, which has not been determined yet.