MENOMINEE — The Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and District Court requests new office equipment to make the continued transition to virtual court proceedings.

“Originally, I thought that would be reimbursed but it may not be,” County Administrator Jason Carviou said Tuesday at the Menominee County Board meeting. “I am not sure, so I cannot make that claim.”

There is about $3,800 in Menominee County’s budget already set aside for the purchase of new computers. Carviou said this would cover one or two laptops but the prosecuting attorney’s office needs at least three laptops and district court needs either a laptop or an iPad.

Carviou requested about $5,000 for this purchase. The money would come from the general funds.

The equipment, if purchased, would be owned by the county.

“The problem that the attorneys are having is that they are trying to use their cellphones for court hearings because they don’t have webcams,” Carviou said. The county has ordered webcams for that office but they are on backorder for the foreseeable future.

The county has not budgeted for three to four extra laptops. However, the prosecuting attorney’s office has extra money in its budget set aside for furniture and new flooring. This money cannot be used for another purchase without the county board approving it first.

Carviou said he was unsure how much under budget the office’s updated furniture and flooring projects were at the time of the meeting but he would look into it.

This item will be discussed further at additional meetings.

The Menominee County Board of Commissioners also discussed the meeting schedule for September and October, which are both scheduled to be held in Stephenson. The commissioners discussed moving these meetings to Menominee County Courthouse, which would allow the county to continue providing remote access. This will be voted on at the next meeting.