MARINETTE — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said they are monitoring the accidental release of river water and contaminated groundwater from the Johnson Controls Inc./Tyco facility on Stanton Street in Marinette Sunday.

The DNR said in a press release that the incident was reported to them just before 9 p.m. Sunday evening. Representatives from JCI/Tyco reported that a mixture of river water and contaminated groundwater entered storm sewer drains which flow back into the Menominee River.

According to the DNR’s release, JCI/Tyco also reported that water is being recovered from the site and placed into tanks, and pumping and clean-up activity is ongoing. Groundwater from the facility is contaminated with PFAS and arsenic from prior discharges, according to the release.

“We take our responsibility as a good corporate citizen in Marinette seriously. We promptly notified the DNR of a water line break that occurred at our Stanton Street facility last night,” said Jim Cox, a senior manager of marketing communications for Tyco. “This waterline brings water to our facility from the Menominee River. We quickly turned off the waterline and immediately put in place appropriate, best-in-class measures to contain and capture the water. Based on our early analysis, there was a very limited amount of water that went into the storm drain that connects back to the Menominee River. We will continue to communicate with the DNR on this issue and clean up any remaining water from this break.”

According to the DNR release, staff from the DNR are working to ensure JCI/Tyco takes the necessary steps to contain the release. Spills like this are required to be reported to the DNR by state statute. No further details are available at this time, and the DNR will share additional information as it becomes available.