Today is a day filled mostly with excitement, yet some trepidation, as I announce that it is my last day as general manager of the EagleHerald. It ends a 25-plus-year career with media marketing. What started many years ago as a part-time job at the Iron Mountain Daily News as a temporary stop on my career path, turned out to be a rewarding and fulfilling journey in the newspaper business.

As with many other industries, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in the media business. Make no mistake; the changes were coming regardless, but likely not this quickly. So, I will step aside for someone that is more technologically savvy, with less pre-conceived notions of what the newspaper business “should be,” or “was.” The EagleHerald has started and will continue to evolve into a business model that will carry it into the future!

Like many of our readers, I have found the changes that have been made at the EagleHerald challenging, yet they are necessary for us to remain a viable business. Therein lies the crux of my message. I truly hope that our communities stand up and continue to support the EagleHerald. Communities like ours NEED a local source for news and sports.

We are a watchdog. We keep our local, elected leaders on their toes. Facebook and social media are cesspools of misinformation that only weakens our ability to decipher fact from rumor and gossip. We need to rely on trusted outlets for our information. Community newspapers are focused on local news, not politics. The people that work at the EagleHerald are your friends, family and residents of our communities. They are not “they.” They are “us.”

I wish nothing but good luck and best wishes to my co-workers. It’s been an honor and a privilege to work alongside you for the past six years. To the communities that the EagleHerald serves, I wish to say that each day when I came to work, I did my best to bring you the news and information that you needed. I’ve met so many wonderful people over the course of the past six years and for those personal and professional friendships I’ve formed, I am grateful.

Finally, I wish to thank my husband Gordon and my step-son Chris, for their love and support. Their encouragement over the years have made even the most difficult days, seem tolerable. We are excited that the next chapter of our lives will be played out, right here in Marinette.

I will leave you, the readers, with a quote that I have on my desk, and I often refer to for inspiration: “In towns and cities where there is a STRONG SENSE of COMMUNITY, there is no more important intuition than the LOCAL PAPER”—Warren Buffet.