Andrew Nelson stands among 22 bicycles he assembled for his Eagle Scout project, which were given to families through St. Vincent de Paul. Nelson will likely receive his Eagle Scout rank in Spring of 2021.

MENOMINEE—A local scout working towards his Eagle Scout certification made a difference for a lot of families this Christmas with his Eagle Scout project: Constructing and donating 22 bicycles to St. Vincent de Paul to be given to local families.

Andrew Nelson began by collecting donations from family and friends, as well as local businesses. He then went to Walmart and bought 22 bicycle kits, along with eight bike helmets.

“I organized a bike build with my troop at our house, and there we built all of the bikes,” he said.

Once the bikes were finished, he said that he and the troop brought them to St. Vincent de Paul to be raffled off to families, with the last of the bikes brought to their new homes just a few days before Christmas on Dec. 22.

Nelson said he began planning the project about a month and a half prior to beginning to work on it, and started to collect funds on Dec. 10. While the bikes were being built, Nelson said he and his family were able to store all 22 in his garage.

Once the bikes were all fully constructed and ready to be brought to St. Vincent de Paul, Nelson said they were all able to be taken over in one trip.

“I had a couple other ideas before this one that didn’t quite work out, but my scout master brought this one to my attention. I like to ride bikes myself, so I thought it was important for everyone to have a bike,” he said.

Nelson’s project is finished, but he hasn’t earned his Eagle Scout status just yet. He said he still has two other merit badges to earn and still has to go through his board of review before he officially earns the rank. This would likely happen sometime in the spring of 2021.