MARINETTE — Marinette County's Infrastructure Committee met Wednesday to discuss road improvements and preparations for the winter season.

Highway Commissioner Eric Burmeister, reported on the work the Highway Department has undertaken in the past month. "Right now we are still spray patching, and right now we are working up on County Trunk I, trying to fix some areas which are breaking up with chip sealing. We are also working on rebuilding the road shoulders on County Trunk roads C and W," he said.

Burmeister also announced a new mutual assistance program with neighboring counties to help maintain the highways throughout the area during the current COVID-19 crisis.

"The impact that COVID would have on the Highway Department could be disastrous. If we were to have an outbreak in one of our shops this winter, and be down five or six operators, it's going to make things very difficult for us and other counties," he said. "With this assistance program, this winter if I need additional operators to help with snow I can call a county which isn't being impacted by a winter storm and have them come up and help us."

Winter training for both the Highway Department and all Marinette Emergency Services will be put together by Burmeister in the next few weeks. "We need this training so emergency services know what our winter operation policies are," he explained.

After Burmeister concluded his report the meeting moved on to discussing the renovation of the former jail into the county's new resource center.

Facilities Director Martin Keyport reported that almost all the building's important systems have been connected, tested and the building is almost ready to be moved into. "You can't even believe the transformation this building has gone through," Keyport said. "Everything is just beautiful."

"Everyone working on this building is really blazing through and doing some great work," he continued. "Our green roof area will be coming in a couple of weeks. We're still on time, on track, on schedule and within budget. The only thing we're waiting on is the elevator due to some COVID delays, but hopefully they will be here by next Monday."

Keyport then went on to give his parks report, focusing mainly on the massive amount of use the campsites are receiving.

"We did a Halloween event at Twin Bridge campground and it had gone quite well, Folks got really excited about it," said Keyport. "Right now all our caretakers are running their tails off to keep up with restrooms and garbage because our parks and campgrounds have been somewhat overrun, in a good way, We're just trying to keep up the best we can right now,".

Also, Forestry Administrator Pete Villas reported that several fire towers on Marinette County lands will be dismantled. "The DNR hasn't received any bids for some towers, so what's going to happen is that the state will be going in and dismantling the towers that they couldn't sell and removing them," he said.

Villas also reported on a meeting with the DNR discussing future plans for tree regeneration plans and deer management in the spring.