A backhoe excavator is shown on the access road across from Marinette High School that will be used to install the Groundwater Extraction & Treatment System (GETS) vaults on the high school and access road properties. JCI/Tyco are beginning the last phase of GETS construction on Pierce Avenue today, Jan. 12.

EagleHerald Staff Writer

MARINETTE—The last phase of the Groundwater Extraction & Treatment System (GETS) construction along Pierce Avenue is scheduled to start today, Jan. 12, on Marinette High School property and on the city right-of-way along Pierce Avenue, according to an update from Johnson Controls Inc. subsidiary Tyco Fire Controls, LP (JCI/Tyco) to the EagleHerald.

The GETS is intended to contain and filter the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) contamination originating from the historic firefighting foam testing activities of Tyco.

Temporary closure of the southernmost entrance and exit to the high school parking lots began today. JCI/Tyco expects that this entrance and exit will reopen in about three weeks, although the project timeline is dependent on weather conditions. An entrance to the parking lots will be open on Cleveland Avenue, and the traffic loop in front of the high school will remain open.

Starting today, Jan. 12, a large rig will be drilling horizontally to install conveyance piping along the south side of the high school to a junction vault at the high school’s southeast corner. Conveyance piping will also be installed along Pierce Avenue between an extraction well near the water tower and the GETS outfall northeast of the high school where treated water will be discharged into Ditch B.

There will not be any lane closures on Pierce Avenue, but JCI/Tyco said drivers should expect truck traffic in the area for at least three weeks.

JCI/Tyco has installed all nine extraction wells for the system. In addition, most of the vaults and conveyance pipes that will connect each well to the Treatment Building have been installed except for those that will be located along Pierce Avenue and a new access road across the road and slightly north of Marinette High School.

Tyco’s contractor Endpoint Solutions Corp. has also finished removing most of the PFAS-contaminated soil that was stored at Tyco’s Fire Technology Center (FTC). The soil was transported to Columbia Ridge Landfill in Oregon for disposal.

Construction of the Treatment Building near the High School is complete, according to the update. Contaminated water will be directed to the building and filtered there. The treatment equipment, however, has not yet been delivered because of supply chain delays. JCI/Tyco said they expect this equipment to be delivered beginning in late January through March.

Start-up of the GETS is slated for sometime in the first half of 2022.

Community members can contact Tyco with questions through the Tyco website contact form ( or by phone (1-715-582-7100). The same contact information can be used to sign up for emailed or mailed updates from Tyco.

A public office hour via Zoom with GETS Project Senior Engineer Kirk Craig will be held today, Jan. 12, at noon. (Meeting ID: 836 9006 173).