EagleHerald Staff Writer

MENOMINEE—The Menominee Area Public Schools Board of Education last week determined the mesure by which it would determine when to ramp up COVID-19 precautionary strategies.

Interim Superintendent Steve Martin said the district would look to the percentage of attendance over a period of several days, and a dip below 88% per building due to a COVID spike would be a sign for the board to consider ramping up precautions. After looking back at the last pre-COVID school year, he said the district tended to stay above 90% attendance, even on days when attendance was at its lowest.

Board Vice President Dawn Wesolowski suggested that the board give authority to the building administrators to decide whether or not to ramp up the precautions if their buildings were to see a large enough reduction in attendance. Martin suggested that, rather than pin that onto the building principals, the superintendent would be the one to decide. Board Member Nikki Myszak said it would be important to determine whether or not the absences were COVID related. “If we’re going to have 88% for the next 14 days because everybody’s quarantining, then I would say yes. But if it’s just because the entire senior class skipped a day or something, then I’d say no,” she said.

Board President Derek Butler said if the schools were to see attendance come back up after a large dip, then the precautions would be scaled back accordingly.