David Oginski award

Marinette County Sheriff’s deputy David Oginski (left) received a life-saving award from Sheriff Jerry Sauve Tuesday at the County Board meeting. In February, Oginski was responsible for saving the life of a man who had overdosed on heroin in the Village of Wausaukee.

EagleHerald Editor

MARINETTE—A Marinette County deputy was honored Tuesday for saving the life of someone who was experiencing a heroin overdose.

Sheriff Jerry Sauve presented Deputy Dave Oginski with a Life-Saving Award during the County Board meeting.

The sheriff described the life-saving incident that happened on Feb. 9.

“We are sworn to protect life and property,” he said, explaining that Oginski just finished a night shift and was writing up his reports as required at his home in Wausaukee.

Sauve said a call came in of a suspected overdose in Wausaukee and Oginski, could have just left it for the day shift and rescue workers.

“But he didn’t do that,” Sauve said. “He realized where the other guys were that came on duty.”

He said Oginski went to the location of the call promptly administered two doses of Narcan to “this troubled young man who by all accounts was passing away.”

Oginski modestly said he was “in the right place at the right time.”

“This is just a small snippet example of what our officers and deputies do in the county every day,” he said, adding that all Marinette County officers deserve recognition because he believes they are among the finest officers in the state.

Sauve presented Oginski with a plaque, a letter of commendation and a pin for his uniform to commemorate his life-saving response.