MARINETTE — On Friday the Wisconsin Supreme Court terminated its COVID-19 orders, leaving the decision with respect to further safety precautions up to the individual counties to be made by the judges in that county.

Marinette County Judge Jane Sequin and Judge Jim Morrison met and discussed this issue Friday and agreed that effective immediately we will impose no COVID-19 orders. Masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing requirements no longer apply.

Neither Sequin, Commissioner Nancy Kallgren, nor Morrison will object or restrict in any way person’s individual decision to wear a mask or take other reasonable precautions.

Morrison added, “We will continue to utilize Zoom for remote appearances. Our pre-existing orders with respect to Zoom remain in effect. Specifically, request for Zoom appearances must be made by an appropriate filing at least five days prior to the court hearing. Telephone and email requests for Zoom cannot be accepted. All of the Zoom protocols remain in effect for any Zoom appearances.”

A formal order to this effect will be entered today to memorialize this communication.

Marinette County Public Defender Bradley Schraven will provide a copy of this order to all members of the Marinette County Bar Association in his capacity as president.