MARINETTE — The Marinette County Administrative Committee Thursday voted to keep tax assessments local.

Washington County has made a proposal to the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) to move the job of tax assessments from local municipalities to individual counties, according to Supervisor Connie Seefeldt, the Marinette County representative to the WCA. This would mean that all tax assessments in Marinette County would be handled by county officials rather than individual towns or villages.

Seefeldt presented the issue for discussion Thursday. While the committee was not able to vote down the proposed consolidation, it was able to give an opinion on what Seefeldt should do. The committee gave a resounding answer of no to the proposal.

County Administrator John Lefebvre explained his reasoning, "If you station your assessor further and further away from people, the people will have a much harder time challenging the assessment. We want people to be involved, so we should make it easier for people, not harder."

Supervisor Rick Polzin agreed with Lefebvre, saying, "I don't see the real benefit to upsetting everybody's tax assessments, and I think with this the assessment's would probably go up if we did this."

Seefeldt agreed with the committee's recommendation and said that she will be voting against the resolution.