Speical to the EagleHerald/ValIhde

Cheif Robert Chaltry, (center) takes a firefighters i.D. tag as the Grover/Porterfiield Fire Department responds to a house and vehicle fire at the Robert Hutala home o Bagley RoadTuesday in the town of Grover. the fire department was backed up by the town of Peshtigo and the town of Wagner Fire Departments.

MARINETTE — A fire severly damaged a home on Bagley Road in Marinette Tuesday.

The Grover-Porterfield Fire Department said they were called out at around 6:51 p.m. Tuesday in response to a fully-engulfed structure fire at the house.

“When we got there, all you could see was flames,” said Fire Chief Bob Chaltry.

Their first engine arrived on the scene within minutes of the call. Chaltry said the owners, Mark and Patti Huhtala, were the only ones home at the time of the fire. The home owners had evacuated the house before firefighters arrived and were unharmed.

The fire destroyed some of the front portion of the house. Chaltry said the exact cause is hard to determine, given the extent of the damage, however he said the fire likely started in the attached garage and worked its way up into portions of the roof. The fire also spread to the owners’ pickup truck, which sustained serious damage.

Firefighters battled the flames for four hours with help from the Town of Peshtigo and Town of Wagner fire departments, along with the Marinette County Sheriff’s Department, paramedics from Aurora Medical Center - Bay Area, the Grover-Porterfield Fire Department’s Women’s Auxiliary and the Marinette Emergency Rescue Squad.