Waste Management, Inc. representatives brought two 64-gallon rolling trash containers to show members of the Public Work Committee Tuesday. The City of Marinette is entering its final contract year with the waste collection company and is considering moving forward with an upgrade to the collection system, which would include these rolling bins.

EagleHerald Staff Writer

MARINETTE—In preparation for its soon-to-end contract with Waste Management, Inc., the City of Marinette discussed Tuesday the possibility of upgrading future solid waste collection services to an automated truck system that uses rolling trash bins.

According to the Public Sector Representative of Waste Management Chad Koehler, the current rear-load waste trucks are a safety hazard to workers. He said, furthermore, that the new trash bins would keep everything contained and minimize the issue of animals getting into trash bags.

Some alderpersons were concerned about the fact that the new trucks would be too large to access alleyways and that older residents could have difficulty moving the larger bins. Koehler said, furthermore, that the initial investment for new equipment would translate into higher costs for the city.

On the other hand, Koehler said this upgrade follows the trend of the waste management industry and that it keeps streets cleaner. Some members of the Public Works Committee also said they already use a rolling container and that they prefer it over smaller, non-rolling bins.

Oitzinger said that this transition would be “a big change” for community members and suggested collecting feedback from residents regarding their preferences for waste collection.

The council ultimately approved a motion to solicit bids from other waste collection services in the city for both the new and current system of waste collection before moving forward with a new contract.