EagleHerald Staff Writer

MENOMINEE—A wage study for various Menominee County positions is a possibility for the near future.

A wage study looks at the responsibilities associated with a job and determines how much that position is worth and what the compensation for the role should be. Most positions in the county have changed drastically over the past 20 years but there has not been a wage study conducted to ensure employees are correctly compensated for their work since the early 2000s.

A county-wide wage study would be too expensive to conduct at one time, but Menominee County Administrator Jason Carviou suggested Wednesday during a personnel committee meeting that the county could conduct the study on a few positions at a time. From there, the county can slowly conduct a few wage studies a year until every position that needs one is touched on.

Some positions that Carviou said should be looked into earlier include the park ranger, deputy clerk, probate juvenile officer and veteran’s services officer.

Before a wage study can be conducted, the positions’ job descriptions must be updated and finalized with any changes in its responsibilities since the previous job study. The wage study would look into changes in responsibilities, not changes in workload.

“More work does not equal more pay,” Carviou explained at a personnel committee meeting Wednesday.

Carviou suggested dividing the park ranger into two positions, one being a park ranger and the other being a park ranger/maintenance. He said Mike Seig currently does a lot more maintenance and other duties throughout the county than his park ranger job description states. Both positions have the new responsibility of issuing citations for violations inside county parks, according to a new ordinance recently passed by the Menominee County Board of Commissioners.

Eventually, Carviou said he would like to reorganize the parks and recreation department entirely, but a wage study should be good for the next several years, regardless.

The next position the county will look into is the deputy clerk position, which was updated in 2010. This position now has more human resource-type responsibilities, including handling payroll. The position also has more work from updated laws and newer electronic filing systems.

The committee voted unanimously to forward this issue to the full county board to begin the process of conducting wage studies of the listed positions.