EagleHerald Staff Writer

MENOMINEE—Menominee County has announced a new reapportionment plan with slight changes to district boundaries in some areas, but they won’t take effect until the 2022 election cycle, County Clerk Marc Kleiman said Thursday.

Some precincts in the city will be moved or eliminated, but the changes aren’t expected to affect city wards. “The city wards are drawn completely separate to the county commissioner districts,” Kleiman said.

County commissioners are not on the November ballot this year, so the reapportionment plan won’t be noticeable until next year.

The next county election is a primary prior to the November 2022 general election, said County Commissioner Larry Schei, who represents the 4th district.

Schei agrees with the apportionment committee’s decision to keep a nine-member board.

“My feeling was, I would have been satisfied with either seven or nine commissioners on the county board. I felt that seven would work. It would be change. Nine is perfect because it stays the same, and more than nine wouldn’t be necessary.”

The target population for each district in the reapportionment plan was 2,611, but geography was also a factor in how district lines were drawn.

Most of the nine districts in the county will remain about the same size geographically.

In the new plan, Nadeau Township is entirely in District 7 represented by Commissioner Gerald Piche. Previously Commissioner Nick Hanchek, who represented District 8, also represented part of Nadeau Township.

New boundaries within the city of Menominee reduce the number of splits within the four city districts (Districts 1 through 4) and move some residents to different precincts or districts, which could affect residents’ county representation in the future.

In the new plan, each district in the city of Menominee has two precincts, while in the past District 1 and District 3 had three precincts, Kleiman said. City wards are drawn completely separate from the county districts, he said.

To allow for the county remapping, some precincts have been reassigned to different districts.

Æ District 1, represented by Commissioner Steven Gromala, includes precincts 1 and 2A, but no longer precinct 3A.

Æ Precinct 3A is now in District 2, represented by Commissioner Bernie Lang. District 2 still includes precinct 2B, but no longer includes precinct 3B.

Æ Precinct 3B is now in District 3, represented by County Board Chair Larry Phelps. This district still includes precinct 4A. Precincts 2C and 3C no longer exist in the remapping.

Æ District 4, represented by Schei, remains the same with city Precinct 4B and Menominee Township Precinct 1.

Æ District 5, represented by Commissioner William Cech, and District 6, represented by Commissioner David Prestin, remain the same.

Æ District 9, represented by Larry Johnson Jr., remains the same.

Menominee City Clerk Kathy Brofka said the county district remapping will not affect the four city wards or the upcoming city council election.