MARINETTE — Veteran lawmaker John Nygren, R-Marinette, retained his seat Tuesday with a convincing win over Democratic challenger Karl Jaeger in the 89th District State Assembly race.

Nygren tallied 69 percent of the vote. The count was 22,823 votes compared to 10,374 for Jaeger.

“It has been an honor of a lifetime representing the area I’ve called home my entire life and I am humbled by the voters’ reelecting me to represent them in Madison.” Nygren said. “Together we will continue to make northeast Wisconsin a great place to live, work, and raise a family.”

In Marinette County, Nygren received 7,615 votes, while Jaeger received 3,616 votes. All results are unofficial until the election is canvassed.

Following are results from other contested races on Tuesday:


■ U.S. Rep. District 8: Mike Gallagher, R, 267,862 votes, defeated Amanda Stuck, 150,824.

■ State Sen. District 30: Eric Wimberger, R, 47,945 votes, defeated Jonathan Hansen, D, 39,711. Incumbent Dave Hansen did not seek re-election.

■ State Sen. District 12: Mary Czaja-Felzkowski, R, 69,776 votes, defeated Ed Vocke, D, 35,388.


■ U.S. Senate: Gary Peters, D, 2,722,069 votes, defeated John James, R, 2,638,755..

■ U.S. Rep. District 1: Jack Bergman, R, 255,2981 votes, defeated Dana Ferguson, D, 154,436.

■ State Assembly, 108th District: Beau LaFave, R, 29,411 votes, defeated Renee Richer, D, 16,791.

■ Menominee County Sheriff: Mike Holmes, 6,936 votes, defeated Pat Armbrust, 4,949.

■ Menominee County Road Commission: Kenneth Kline, 4,472 votes, defeated James Marsirek, 4,093.

■ Menominee County Board District 3: Larry Phelps, 502 votes, defeated Joe Ciochetto, 309.

■ Menominee County Board District 5: William Cech, 580 votes, defeated Zak Aubert, 570.

■ Stephenson Mayor: John Starzynski, 245 votes, defeated Connie Westrich, 141.

■ Stephenson City Council: Dale M. Parrett, 251 votes, David Solander, 247, and Amy Larson, 165, won seats. Donald Cugini, 141 votes, and Kieth Kakuk, 109, were defeated.

■ Stephenson City Council partial term (ends Nov. 9, 2022): Howard Fredrickson, 199 votes, defeated Perry Beaudoin, 131.

■ Cedarville Township Supervisor: Linda Peterson, 86 votes, defeated Ray Schebel, 68.

■ Daggett Township Supervisor: Phillip Revall, 248 votes, and James Kayser, 245, won seats. James Bedient, 71 votes, was defeated.

■ Lake Township Treasurer: Charlene Peterson, 149 votes, defeated Barbara Peterson, 121.

■ Meyer Township Supervisor: Ray Gurgall, 226 votes, was elected. Robert Gurgall, 185 votes, Robert G. Smith, 80, and Charlie Schmidt, 30, were defeated.

■ Meyer Township Trustee: Brenton Ayotte, 376 votes, and Mark Schoen, 351, were elected. Bruce Phillips, 160 votes, was defeated.

■ Nadeau Township Clerk: Jason DuPont Sr., 345 votes, defeated Sheila Burns, 188.

■ Nadeau Township Treasurer: Kathy Betters, 406 votes, defeated Sandra Johnson, 201.

■ Nadeau Township Trustee: Lyle Gearhart, 397, and Roy Berto, 331, won seats. Richard Corrigan, 297, was defeated.

■ Menominee School Board 6-year terms: Cindy Woods, 1,995 votes, and Dawn Wesolowski, 1,768, won seats. Alyssa Higley, 1,664 votes, William Kakuk, 1,561, Ken Pulver, 1,074, and Bobbi Jasurda, 1003, wee defeated.

■ Menominee School Board 4-year terms: Derek Butler, 3,323 votes, and Nicole Myszak, 2,880, won seats. Marye Mathieu, 2,066 votes, was defeated.

■ Carney-Nadeau School Board: Michelle Johnson, 446 votes, Ed Jenkins, 443, and Linda Corrigan, 438, won seats. Joanne Polfus, 430 votes, was defeated.