Peshtigo prom decoration

Peshtigo High School students work to decorate for the Senor/Junior Prom, Friday. The prom was held Saturday and was the first in-person school dance the school has hosted in more than a year. This year, the prom included both juniors and seniors because the seniors were unable to have a junior prom last year, because of COVID-19.

PESHTIGO—Peshtigo had its first high school dance in over a year, a joint-senior/junior prom, Saturday.

Junior class advisors, Jackie Lemire and Janet Thibado, along with parents, students, and many local businesses worked to make Saturday a day to remember for the students.

Thibado states, “I was so impressed with the way the juniors and seniors came together to host the prom. They are happy to have a prom and celebrate with their friends.”

Normally, prom is an event for juniors but this year’s prom included both juniors and seniors, because the 2020 junior prom was canceled for COVID mitigation.

Dozens of students worked the week before prom to decorate it to the “Rustic Romance” theme. “Celebrating prom week has brought an extra level of excitement to our school atmosphere. It’s been wonderful to see,” Lemire said.

Junior Emma Gilligan states that students were “going for a barn or country look.” Junior Samantha Kodric described the ceiling as one of the toughest parts to complete.

“We have been ahead of our schedule with decorating. We’ve had a lot of help,” sated junior Taylor Nielson.

Many families donated decorations. John Kowalski donated wood, and Mike Cahill provided the rustic doors and cafe. Senior Cody Klimek created the rustic table and benches from wood wire spools. Students in tech-ed classes helped create the background, beams and barn props. “Students really enjoy helping with prom setup. It allows them to apply their tech skills outside of the classroom,” teacher Rick Aherns said.

At the conclusion of the prom, kids were able to receive raffle gifts, which were donated from local businesses.

Tammy McCreary was one of parents who helped secure donations from over 72 businesses and families. Normally there is a post prom which includes a raffle. This year the organizers opted out of the post prom party, so included the raffle at the conclusion of the dance.

The four biggest raffle prizes went to Landon Lemke who won a tv, Adam Reiswitz won a $150 Amazon gift card, Grace Oestreich won a fridge for her dorm room, and Dreya Detry won a kayak!

Janet Thibado adds, “Watching students working and laughing together brought back a sense of normalcy during a time when students had to sacrifice so much due to COVID.”

Student Samantha Kodric said, “A lot of students have been struggling mentally and now they finally have something they can do with their friends in-person.”

Five girls and five boys from each grade were voted onto prom court. Junior members of court included Sydney Lund, Tori Jandt, Samantha Kodric, Taylor Nielson, Emma Gilligan, Landon Lemke, Jacob Berth, Travis Lund, Colin McMahon, and John Conn. Senior members of court included Elly Baumgarten, Dreya Detry, Blake Sharkus, Grace Oestreich, Allison Dudka, Kyle Goneau, Seth Davis, Ryan VanVooren, Jordan Carvenough, and Adam Bauman. Junior prom queen was Tori Jandt and the junior prom king was Jacob Berth. Senior prom queen was Allison Dudka and the senior prom king was Adam Bauman.