Peshitgo students

Special to the EagleHerald

Peshtigo students Delia Poquette and Janine Liesch mix ingredients for banana bread in Living Skills class.

PESHTIGO — after listening to the suggestions of the community members of the Peshtigo School District at CONNECT, a new class offering is being made for our eighth graders. Starting with the fall 2020 quarter, a new class was offered focusing on basic living skills such as communication, personal finance basics in addition to cooking and sewing.

“Students need to be good communicators, listeners and independent responsible people, so I’m doing my best to prepare them for life after school,” said Pam Beschta, a middle school teacher who is responsible for developing the program curriculum and delivering it to the students.

Peshtigo’s seventh-grade Living Skills class starts off reviewing speaking and listening skills with peers, teachers and community members. “This class helped us learn about communicating with others. I better understand that now,” said eighth-grade student Carter Roeder.

Sewing repair skills are taught like reattaching buttons and repairing seams. “I taught my oldest son how to sew up socks, and when he was in training to become a physician, his superiors complimented him on the quality of his stitchwork,” Beschta said. “You never know how these basic living skills will benefit you in the future.”

All Peshtigo eighth-grade students learn basic cooking and baking which includes kitchen and food safety. Beschta adds, “Each of these skills are very important, but I’ve most enjoyed the cooking portion of the class so far. It’s fun watching kids work together to make something and then enjoy the results.” “The best part of this class was cooking. We got to end the day cooking and I could enjoy the food we made when I got home.”