TOWN OF PESHTIGO — A productive evening was had at the monthly Peshtigo Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. The board discussed a PFAS survey, A shoreline grant, addressed the recycling center’s brush policy, and much more.

The board has voted to begin work on a public survey about PFAS contamination and what the community thinks should be done about the situation moving forward. Setting up a public meeting to help develop the survey were discussed. The survey will be developed with input from the law firm hired to manage the situation, expert recommendations and the citizens of Peshtigo.

“(The survey asks) if you have contaminated water, here’s your options, what options look good to you, what options are you okay with, are you okay with being annexed, that is what a survey is, it asks, it does not tell. It gets feedback from the people, the people who voted us into these positions,” Supervisor Kristen Edgar said.

The vote was split 3-2 in favor of the survey. With Jon Drees, Edgar and Kayla Furton voting in favor and Chairman Herman Pottratz and Dan Staudenmaier voting against.

The board then received information about the Peshtigo River Shoreline Grant.

“A section of Peshtigo River residents would be potentially eligible for grant funding for shoreline protection,” Furton said. “It would need to be resident-driven, and all the residents would have to agree.”

The person to contact about the grant would be Chuck Druckrey, the county’s water resource specialist, and that information about the grant will be available on the website, according to Furton.

Another item discussed was the UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) designated trails. The board does not have the power to approve new trails, but does have the ability to make recommendations to the sheriff and highway department, Town Clerk Clarence Coble said.

The board voted unanimously to recommend that the sheriff and highway department accept the newly-proposed UTV trails. The proposed trail maps are available on the Marinette County website and the county is accepting public comments about the proposed trails until Aug. 31.

The board has voted to not hire another employee at the recycling center and to stop accepting brush, trees, and stumps at the center after Aug. 1. This decision was made because the board does not believe that brush disposal is the responsibility of the city, to help lighten the load of the current recycling center employees and to eliminate the need for a new employee.

“The problem I got is this, who is responsible for the brush in your yard? Me? Tom, Dick and Harry? The recycling center takes care of garbage, brush is not (garbage). You cut a tree down, get rid of it,” Staudenmaier said.

Edgar suggested charging a fee for brush disposal but was shot down by Pottratz, who said that not accepting brush for a time was the best option at this time.

The board voted 3-2 in favor of eliminating brush disposal, with Drees, Pottratz and Staudenmaier in favor and Edgar and Furton against.

The Kowalski Walking Trails request for items to improve the trail, such as dog waste stations, a regular mowing schedule, and accepting donated signs, was approved unanimously by the board. “The trail is something that a lot of residents use and It seems like something easy to do,” Edgar said. The addition of porta potties in the future was suggested by Pottratz as a way to increase the trail’s popularity in the future.